A Columbus Day Lament

Today, we lament what Columbus represents:
A "history" of white-washed celebration
Of a "discovery" of lands already inhabited
For an "opportunity" for European greed to slake its thirst
At the expense of Native lives and ways of life, 
Crying out from the ground of "American" soil, 
Stolen, pillaged, ransacked, spoiled. 

Today we lament what Columbus represents:
of nations, tribes, languages, and cultures.
of caretakers from their homes, their land, their life.
of human beings as savage, less-than people because of their skin.

Today we lament that Death, Displacement, and Dehumanization are
Basic ingredients to our way of life
Written in every deed of every home on American soil
Ancestral fuel for the fire of police brutality, gentrification, and prison labor.

Today we lament because
We too often ignore
We too often honor
We too often celebrate
This man, this legacy, this history.

Today we lament because that is all we can do.
And we call on the Creator, The Resurrected
To create, to resurrect
Home from displacement
Dignity from dehumanization
Life from death. 



*Photo Credit: Mike Boening Photography via Flickr