On the Move...

Have you ever wondered if you "missed" God's will for your life? Two years ago, Steph and I passed on an opportunity to move into the apartment downstairs because we weren't sure where exactly God wanted us to end up in Oakland. Shortly after our friends moved into it, prayer and conversation convinced us that we were supposed to stay put in our neighborhood. And even though we absolutely LOVED living in the same building as our friends Jason and Sharon, we often wondered, "Why would God want us  to pass on such a great place? Did we make a mistake? Did we somehow misunderstand God's will?"

But then, over the last two years, we watched Jason and Sharon serve so many people and build so many beautiful and lasting relationships in that apartment. They had a huge impact for God on their community in that place. A couple months ago, as they were preparing to move out for a new job in Washington, they told us they wanted us to move into the apartment so that the legacy of serving God and loving people in that space would continue. 

And God passed the keys on to us just in time. This week, for the first time, we had 18 people, more people at a Sunday gathering than our upstairs apartment could have held. So at the last minute we decided to move the service downstairs, into the new apartment...and we fit perfectly.

"Why would God want us to pass on such a great place?" It didn't make sense to us at the time from our limited human perspective. But now we know he did it to show us that he is always on the move, even when we aren't.