Adaptive Change

This Sunday, July 9, we will be meeting in the restaurant at the Washington Inn, rather than our normal room. There was a scheduling conflict with the hotel, and they needed the space where we normally meet. I guess that's just life in a startup church like ours. 

Little moments of flexibility like this remind us about how we need to be flexible in the big moments as well. When the terrain changes we need to adjust how we plan to traverse it. That's called adaptive change. 

That's why we're having a conversation tomorrow night at 7pm about how we can reimagine the Ceasefire Collective and reshape how we live justly as a community. 

We are a spiritual family centered on Jesus and committed to justice for the whole city of Oakland. So how are we living into that identity and what are we missing? That will be our driving question for tomorrow's conversation. Looking forward to seeing you there!