The Colorful Kingdom: New Year, New Church

It's 2018, and many of us are wondering what we need to do to become the better version of ourselves that we want to be. At Oakland Communion, we are leaning into that question as a community as well.

From the very beginning our mission has been to put on display God's radical love for the world in Jesus -- to provide a taste of what the Bible calls God's kingdom for the world that God loves. And, from the beginning, we've had a shared understanding that there is no way to accomplish that mission in an increasingly divided world if we are not also radically committed to racial justice in our church, city and country. 

That's why, as a community, we decided in the Fall of 2016 to pursue full unity with The Way Church. We realized that the ideals Oakland Communion and The Way were committed to separately, we could actually embody together. 

It's been a long journey of growing in relationship with each other over the last 18 months, but the crescendo is starting to build! We are starting a series called A Colorful KingdomMultiethnic Conversations for a United Church in conjunction with The Way with the hope that as we discuss our hopes and fears, our concerns, our passions, and our lingering questions and inspired ideas we will be doing the deep work that makes true unity possible. 

That's also why, together, we're committing to read and journal through Multiethnic Conversations--a book that will help us do the deep personal work of engaging the theology, history, competencies, and experiences we need to engage in order to become one healthy, genuinely multiethnic and racially just church. This is the deep work we are doing individually to make sure that our conversations together are rich and transformative. Day 1 of the journaling started on January 1, but it's never too late to join in.

We believe that out of this God is going to birth something genuinely new. We are going to be changed, and the church we create together will be different--and better--than any of us ever expected. 

If you want to be a part of these conversations, you are completely welcome, no matter who you are. It would be our pleasure to buy you a book and to hear your perspective as you grow with us toward this crazy dream of being one healthy, new, multiethnic foretaste of God's Kingdom. 

Questions? Contact Us.