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Community Meals

Our community meals provide the people in our collective with the mutual support and spiritual grounding to persevere in the work of bringing justice and peace.

The story of a community meal goes like this:

Before the meal we provide for each other. Our meals are potluck style because we believe each of us is called to give generously for the benefit of others, and everyone has something to contribute. 

During the meal we learn from each other. We ask good questions. We try not to make assumptions. We work our way past the superficial to the real parts of our lives because we believe every person is made to be both known and loved.

After the meal we clean up after each other. We don't believe there is something called "one person's mess." It's not a thing. Our unity is not based on the myth of our perfection, but the willingness to work with, suffer alongside, forgive, and sit in each other's mess. 

We are a community deeply committed to Jesus, and that's why all are welcome regardless of faith background. Jesus was always getting flack for not eating with the "right" people. (Luke 5:29-30)

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