How We Live

When Jesus told us to live in unity, to treat people with love, and to invite people into our life of apprenticeship to him, we believe he meant us not just to memorize those verses, but to actually live that way. Here's how we are trying to do that. 

Unity with The Way Church

At the end of 2016 we decided as a community to enter into a relationship with The Way Church that will culminate in our full unity as one church. We entered this process because we love each other, and because Jesus meant for us to be united in the church across every kind of line that normally divides people. Since then, we worship together regularly, we went on a family camp together in the spring of 2017, and have started some intentional conversations moving us toward greater unity. 

Action Collectives

Put simply, an Action Collective is a family on a mission to bless the world God loves. They are the way we do church outside of Sunday morning. They are a mid-sized committed communities who share a particular cause for the flourishing of our city, especially with/among those most marginalized. Right now, we have have one AC called the Ceasefire Collective, the goal of which is to eliminate gun violence in Oakland. Our vision is to have a church full of Action Collectives dedicated to loving Oakland through different causes in the name of Jesus. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their spiritual commitments or lack thereof. 

Sunday Worship Gatherings

Our worship is intentional because it both blesses God and also shapes us, and we want to be intentional about how we're shaped.

Our worship is casual because God receives us just as we are.

Our worship is communal because we believe in a God who is a three-in-one community and we were made to be communal like God. So we meet in a circle around the communion table, representing how Jesus is the center of our common, united life. We also share a conversation together after the sermon to process our inspirations, disagreements, and new ideas with each other. Church was never meant to be a fire hose of music and ideas force-fed into our souls, but a place for people to be shaped, sharpened, and transformed by God's Spirit and the community