Easter Encounters: Mary Magdalene - Seeing Jesus through Our Grief

Easter Encounters: Mary Magdalene - Seeing Jesus through Our Grief

Have you ever been so exhausted by grief, so blinded by tears, that you couldn't see the beauty, goodness, and life standing right in front of you? In this sermon, we learn how Jesus breaks through Mary's veil of pain by speaking her name, comforting her and then commissioning her as the first witness to the good news of Jesus' resurrection. 

Tempting Jesus: Appetite

Do you ever wonder whether you're setting appropriate boundaries or being selfish? Whether you're being attentive to your need for self-care or whether you're being tempted toward individualism and consumerism?  In this sermon, we see how Jesus recognized temptation, how we can do the same, and where we get the power to overcome it.

The Blessing of Suffering & Persecution

As part of our Blessed to be a Blessing series, this sermon explores how the challenges that faced the early church, their willingness to suffer for the cause of God, and Stephen's Christ-like heart of love even toward his killers, was the spark that lit the wildfire of Christianity, spreading throughout the ancient world - from Acts 7:54-8:3. 

The Blessing of Complicated, Coping People

Sometimes the part of us that haunts us, that destroys our lives, is exactly what God uses as a blessing for the world. In this installment of Blessed to be a Blessing, we explore how Jacob is a complicated person whose baggage is partly due to his marginalization and partly due to his choices. We also see God redeem that baggage and use Jacob to create something beautiful. 

Cultivate Joy in the Past, Present and Future

This sermon starts our Easter series called Cultivate Joy, following Paul's radically joyful letter to the church written while imprisoned. In this talk on Philippians 1:1-11, we explore how it's possible that someone like Paul, whose past is painful, whose present is in prison, and whose future is uncertain is able to discover joy in all of it.